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We are committed to our clients and each and every project we undertake



Our goal is excellence in design and image, innovating and reinventing with every project



We aim for the highest quality in any of the phases we take part in: design, development and project execution



Constructive knowledge is what defines our professionals. Our premise is to improve and learn every day. Our guarantee: our experience of over 30 years in the sector


Close relationship

The relationship with our clients is essential. Fluid communication ensures effectiveness and efficacy in the development and execution of each project

Commitment Design Quality Experience Close relationship


REQUENA Y PLAZA  was founded by Juan Luis Requena Ruiz and José Francisco Plaza González in 1987. Today the group has a team of over 80 professionals, who carry out their work in Spain and abroad.

Dedicated to the world of architecture and interior design, we have undertaken projects in different sectors. We are specialists in Interior Design Projects, including project management and furnishing. We are even able to handle the construction work and deliver a fully finished product, thanks to our own internal construction team.

Our human and professional development has enabled us to add new services such as Technical Advice, Architectural Projects, Engineering, Energy Optimization Studies, Management and Integral Image Development.

35 years’ experience guarantees us as a service company focused on people. We have carried out over 1000 projects of different kinds and significance over this period. We have learnt from our clients and acquired good criteria to apply to those premises/installations entrusted to us, such as Hotels, Work Areas – Offices, Retail and Unique Spaces.

The main aim of our company is to achieve excellence in architecture and design, innovating day after day and firmly committed to carrying out work of maximum quality.

With a view to optimising human and material resources to the maximum, our work is based on dedication and a commitment to meeting the needs each client presents us with.

At REQUENA Y PLAZA  we believe a series of defined values are the basis for achieving our success and naturally that of our clients.

We endow our projects with great value and we always guarantee good services. We not only meet your expectations but we surpass them as well. Architecture of dreams!

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